It all began when I started the Instagram profile @women_on_bikes. It was created out of love to all strong cycling women, with the will to empower them to do what they love in the sport dominated by men. After a while, the profile grew up and gained a large number of engaged followers. People started inquiring for products with the WoB logo on. There was no such at that time, but that was a spark. I started thinking about the brand and soon I launched a line of high-quality cotton cycling caps which were warmly welcomed. Meanwhile, I started another profile – @men_on_bikes and I launched the line of Men on Bikes cycling caps. The idea of the cycling apparel brand started to sprout. 
Now dozens of women and men cycle proudly wearing the WoB & MoB caps in a variety of colours.

No sooner did I create the WoB Apparel brand, another Instagram profile (@WoBApparel) set off – this time solely dedicated to the new brand. The next natural step was to create cycling kits for both women and men. The aim is to make extraordinary cycling clothes and accessories.  A brand you can identify with.  Something completely different from all there is available on the market. Another factor is the highest quality. That’s why all the kits are sewed of the best Italian fabrics and are manufactured in Poland. 

Since November 2018 you can purchase the WoB Apparel products through the webshop. 

There are four payment methods:
via PayPal; or you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account (EUR, USD)
via PayNow: Secure BLIK payments and fast online transfers (PLN)

We have a 30-day return policy – you send purchased products back and you get the money back without any questions (unless products are used, dirty or damaged). The warranty excludes custom made cycling caps.